I was in Zadar for only 1 night, but it is a perfect weekend getaway type city, or even a one night quick pit-stop type thing, which is what I did. I specifically came for the famous Zadar sunset and the sea organ & Sun salutation. The Sea Organ and Sun Salutation for those of you who are not aware of, are installations by architect Nikola Bašić. The Sea organ is an installation which is rather unique and quite brilliant. There are a series of pipes and whistles inside and under the stone stairs which lead from the promenade down to the sea, which make rather random but unique sounds when the water crashes against them. The sounds vary depending on how the waves crash against them and if there are boats or ferries that pass by close to them.

The Sun salutation is another extremely unique and one of a kind installation. It is a 70 feet wide circle, laid out near the promenade’s edge. It contains lots of glass squares which light up in various colors from sunset. There is a calm environment at sunset, yet there are so many people who come to visit the famous Zadar sunset and also to see the two rather unique installations. I really enjoyed taking photos at sunset and light show from the Sun Salutation. It was a serene and magical experience enjoying the installations and the sunset, and the vibrant atmosphere once it was dark. The vibrant lights from the Sun salutation created a fantastic spectacle once it was dark and the different kinds of people there were dancing and singing and generally enjoying themselves. It was a brilliant end to the night.

The day I arrived in Zadar, there was a watersport scooter race at the promenade. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard the roaring sounds made from these water scooters/jet skis. It was some professional tournament and everyone was taking it very seriously. It made for a really party like experience. It was like a formula one race, but in the sea. The entire promenade had different people’s vehicles and teams that would take part in the race and there was also an area, where locals and tourists could Jet Ski as well.

Zadar has lots of other attractions as well apart from the top 2. There is the Roman Forum, St Donatus Church amongst others. I was there for a short time only, so I just mainly hung out at the promenade near the Sun salutation and the sea organ. Someone who is visiting for the weekend can definitely enjoy everything else Zadar has to offer, especially if they are into architecture and churches.

I had dinner in a very nice Italian restaurant called Bruschetta. It was one of the best meals of my trip to Croatia. I had a simple margarita pizza, but it was super fresh and yummy. The ambience to the staff and the service, along with the food were all top notch and well worth it. But the pièce de résistance was the Chocolate soufflé desert I ordered. It was superb. Possibly the best I have had. The soufflé, the vanilla ice cream, with raspberry drizzle (I think it was) and fresh cream was just a divine combination. It was a perfect ending to a very nice meal. It cost somewhere around 15-17 euros, which I think was very reasonable for the quality of the food I received. Pizza, coke and chocolate soufflé for that price was a good deal for me.